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Top things to do on holiday in Calvados

You’ve booked your luxury villa in Calvados and now you want to know the best way to explore region. Whether your partial to history, food or nature – or all three – then rest assured: your holiday in Calvados will live up to your expectations.


Deauville is a must on the itinerary of any holiday in Calvados. With its world famous American film festival, a race course, and a major casino, this glamourous seaside resort knows how to keep its visitors entertained! Add to that three golf courses within a 10-mile radius, and, of course, beautiful and impeccably well-kept beaches dotted with multicoloured parasols, and you’re sure to keep everyone happy.



A trip to Honfleur is a great day out if you’re on holiday in Calvados. A main attraction of this pretty town is the Vieux Bassin, or old harbour, where narrow old houses and cobbled streets converge. It’s popular among artists, who can be spotted on the Sainte-Catherine quays or in the town’s many art galleries. Stroll around the picture-perfect town centre and pop in and out of the plentiful museums. You’re sure to find one you like; the Erik Satie museum is a must, featuring a quirky interactive experience that kids will love. The Marine museum tells the story of Honfleur’s seafarers from times gone by. Meanwhile, art buffs can head to the Eugène Boudin museum to admire an impressive collection of paintings.


The D-Day landing beaches

The iconic Normandy beaches that played such a poignant role in the Second World War are most definitely worth a visit. Some of the ones not to miss include Omaha Beach in Colleville-sur-Mer, Sword Beach in Ouistreham and Utah Beach in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. You can also view the Caen Memorial Museum which gives an excellent insight into the Second World War.

D-Day landing beaches

Treat your tastebuds

It would be a shame to spend a holiday in Calvados without tasting the world-famous local fayre, first and foremost a delicious selection of cheeses. Visit the Graindorge cheese factory to see how it’s made and taste a beautifully creamy Camembert or a Coeur de Neufchâtel. Similarly, take a tour round the Busnel distillery and see the giant stills that are used to make the cider spirit named after the area.
Michelin star restaurants
If you fancy a more elaborate version of the local food, then you’ll be glad to know that Calvados counts no less than nine Michelin-starred restaurants:
Le château de Sully in Sully
Ivan Vautier in Caen
Initial in Caen
Maximin Hellio in Deauville
1912 in Deauville
Le Pavé d’Auge in Beuvron-en-Auge
Stéphane Carbone in Caen
A contre Sens in Caen
SaQuaNa (2 stars) in Honfleur

Best place to stay for a holiday in Calvados

Rent a luxury villa in Normandy with Chic Villas and holiday in style at a well-located property. Our handpicked selection of villas and castles are perfect for a French getaway with family or friends. Our beautiful properties have excellent facilities and make an ideal base for exploring this beautiful region.

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