Things you might not know about Brittany


Brittany has its own language which is now used mostly by the older generations. Road signs are bilingual and schoolchildren can complete their schooling in Breton in "Diwan" schools. Breizh is a word you’ll see often in the region and is the Breton word for Brittany.

With its heavily carved coastline, it has the largest maritime façade in metropolitan France, between 2000 and 3000 km according to the method used to measure it. This makes it a wonderful place for sailing and boating.

Brittany has a long tradition of sailors, be it in the Navy, on merchant ships or in the fishing industry. This is still true today; Brittany is France's biggest fishing and shellfish region, producing more than half of all French seafood. 











  • Krugen


    Seafront villa. Seaside atmosphere and area characterise this seafront property. Whether it is through the living room's picture windows, from the guestrooms or even the terrace on the garden side, you will always see the ocean. The spacious kitchen

  • Le Domaine du Moulin

    Le Domaine du Moulin

    Character refined manor, with sea view. From its promontory in the middle of an area of two hectares, the Domaine du Moulin overlooks this legendary coast where earth and sea are melting into each other. The interior, of a refined and grand beauty, airs elegance and harmony

  • Greens and Golf

    Greens and Golf

    Charming villa with heated pool. With its back to the hill, Greens and Golf offers a magnificent view of the peaceful Pays d'Auge countryside which combines "bocage" and pastureland for as far as the eye can see. Renovated in the style of Normandy timbered houses, this superbly

  • La Villa sur l Ocean

    La Villa sur l Ocean

    "La Villa sur l'Ocean" is situated in an outstanding location in the moorlands of Brittany on a headland near the ocean and the beaches, just a stone's throw from a charming little village. A stay here offers an opportunity to discover the many facets of this constantly changing marine environment, including vast sandy beaches when...

  • Sweet Normandy

    Sweet Normandy

    This elegant villa in Normandy is packed with French style and charm. Set amid forests and meadows with long sandy beaches close by, it’s the perfect place to unwind and recharge. Stay in and relax with friends in a cosy atmosphere or head out for fresh air and uplifting coastal walks.