Terms & conditions for renting a luxury villa

1. General

ChicVillas acts as a representative, offering holiday rentals on behalf of the owners of the houses presented on our website Your contract is between you and the owner.

All the houses we propose have been visited by our staff and carefully selected.

2. Prices

2.1. The prices shown are in euros per week's rental.

2.2. The properties are let furnished and fully equipped. Prices include:
- provision of the fully-equipped accommodation,
- charges relating to the house (water, gas, electricity),
- household linen (bedding, towels ...),
- cleaning at the end of the holiday.

2.3. For certain properties, a supplement may be requested according to the season, especially for heating, air-conditioning and pool heating. In these cases, the supplement is clearly specified on the booking form.

2.4. Some owners may only accept bookings for a minimum of two weeks, especially during the high season.

3. Booking and payment

3.1 Please contact us before you book to ensure that the property that you have chosen is available on the dates you want. To book, please send us a booking form, duly filled in and signed, along with a deposit equivalent to 30% of the price of the rental. The contract will become official between you and the owner once we have issued a confirmation invoice.

3.2. The balance must be paid six weeks at the latest before your date of arrival on the premises. Failure to pay the balance before this deadline will lead to cancellation; a cancellation fee will then be payable in accordance with paragraph 14.

3.3. If you book a rental property less than six weeks before your date of arrival on the premises, the total price of the rental must be paid at the time of booking.

3.4. The receipt and encashment of the deposit cheque does not in any circumstances signify confirmation of the booking; the contract takes effect when we issue a confirmation invoice. When you receive the confirmation invoice attesting to the booking, take care to check the information shown on it to ensure that it is correct. If we have not been able to process your booking, we will return your deposit.

3.5. In requesting the booking, the signatory acknowledges that he has read and agreed to the terms of the general conditions. It is his responsibility to ensure that the other people taking part in the holiday abide by these conditions.

3.6. We do not accept bookings from individuals who are under the age of 18 at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse any booking without justification.

4. Security deposits

4.1. Entry to the property is subject to the payment of a security deposit to cover the cost of any damage to the property or breakage of its contents. The amount of the security deposit is stated on the booking form. The security deposit may be paid to ChicVillas in advance and kept in a separate client account, or you may hand it over to the owner or his local representative on your arrival. If it is payable in advance, it must be paid along with the balance.

4.2. Unless the owner is making a claim on it, the security deposit will be returned one month at the latest after the end of your holiday.

4.3. If you do not pay the security deposit, you run the risk of being refused access to the property, and this will be considered to be a cancellation.

5. Arrival and departure

5.1. You should arrive between 16.00 and 19.00 on the first day of the rental period, and release the accommodation before 10.00 on the last day, unless stated to the contrary on the booking form. On your arrival, you will be asked to show your booking form and proof of identity.

5.2. If these timings cause you difficulties, please inform us when you book and we will try to find a solution with the owner.

5.3. If your arrival is delayed, please inform the owner so that he can take the necessary steps to provide you with access to the rental property.

6. Number of people using the holiday rental property

6.1. The number of people staying in the property should not exceed the number stated on the booking form. Similarly, you may not put up tents on the property or park caravans or motor homes on it.

6.2. If the number of people staying in the property exceeds the number stated on the booking form, you run the risk of being asked to pay extra.

6.3. If you exceed the maximum capacity shown in the description, the owner reserves the right to refuse or cancel the booking as he sees fit.

7. Pets

Pets are only authorised in certain properties, and only if the request has been made at the time of booking and has been agreed. They are not allowed without prior agreement.

8. Cleaning

8.1. The property is cleaned throughout before the start of the rental period. On your departure, you should leave it in a reasonable state of cleanliness. The normal cleaning service is included in the price and should be sufficient to return the property to its original state.

8.2. If the property is left in such a poor state of cleanliness that the normal cleaning service proves to be insufficient, the owner is authorised to take the necessary steps to remedy the problem and charge the corresponding costs to the security deposit.

9. Staff

Additional cleaning and cooking services may be available at extra cost. Please advise us as soon as possible so that we can do all we can to meet your needs. In such cases, our liability is limited to the service described on the booking form.

10 Linen

Linen is included in all our properties and is normally changed once a week. However, we recommend that you provide beach towels and bed linen for babies.

11. Swimming pools

11.1. If there is a swimming pool at the rental property, Chicvillas attracts clients' attention to the fact that it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that the pool meets the safety standards in force in the country concerned. The existence of safety systems does not dispense the client from taking the precautions required to ensure the safety of occupants, especially children. Chicvillas may in no circumstances be held liable for accidents or physical or other injury relating to the swimming pool.

11.2. In Europe, swimming pools are generally closed during the winter months. If you are renting a property outside the period 1st June to 30 September, please contact us to check whether the pool is in use.

12. Insurance

12.1. The booking is subject to your being insured with a reputable insurance company against the risk of theft, fire and flood damage, tenant risks relating to the property you are renting and claims from neighbours. In addition, the individuals taking part in your holiday must be duly covered by personal liability insurance.

12.2. By signing the booking form, you attest to the fact that you are covered by such insurance. Remember to bring your certificate with you; this is compulsory and you may be asked to produce it during your holiday.

13. Modification or cancellation on the part of Chicvillas

If we are obliged to modify or cancel the holiday rental booking specified in the booking confirmation, we will inform you as soon as possible and, at your request, will do our utmost to offer you a replacement accommodation of a similar type and standard. If you do not find this replacement accommodation suitable, we will repay in full all the sums you have paid and will be released from all further liability.

14. Cancellation on your part

14.1. Any cancellation on your part - for any reason whatsoever - must be sent to us by registered letter with proof of receipt. Cancellation takes effect on the date on which the written notification reaches us.

14.2. Cancellation fees:
- if you cancel six weeks or more before entry to the property, cancellation fees will be 30% of the cost of the rental.
- if you cancel less than six weeks before departure, or if the booking is cancelled because you have failed to pay the balance, cancellation fees will be 100% of the cost of the rental.

14.3. If you leave the property early - for any reason whatsoever - you may not claim a reduction on the cost of the rental.

15. Your responsibilities

15.1. As a tenant, you should behave like a responsible citizen and use the rental property in a reasonable manner. This means keeping the furniture, installations, equipment and facilities in a state of maintenance and a condition identical to that in which you found them when you entered the property..

15.2. You are liable for any damage or loss occurring to the property or its contents during your occupation of the premises. In the event of damage or loss, you must pay appropriate compensation directly to the owner, or to us in our capacity as representative.

16. Description of rental properties

16.1. We have carried out a very thorough visit to all the properties that we offer. We make every effort, in good faith, to ensure that the descriptions and photographs that we supply are a faithful reflection of the reality. If, despite these precautions, your rental property does not match up to the description given, Chicvillas, in its capacity as a service intermediary, may not be held liable for any discrepancies that these may contain. You should accept the fact that there may be minor differences between the photograph, the description and the property in reality.

16.2. Out of a concern for continuing improvement, owners reserve the right to modify the specifications of the accommodation if they consider it necessary, to ensure that the holiday runs smoothly. Similarly, they may change the furniture without notice.

16.3. If we are notified of any material changes, we will inform you if time permits.

17. Access

The owner or his representative is authorised to enter the holiday rental property at any reasonable time during the rental period for the purposes of inspection and maintenance.

18. Liabilities of the representative and owner

18.1. Neither the representative nor the owner may be held liable for any death or physical injury that may occur to yourself or anyone else on the holiday property, unless they are the result of proven negligence on the part of the owner or representative.

18.2. We may not be held liable for any loss, breakage or delays, the causes of which are beyond our control, including (though this list is not exhaustive) natural catastrophes, explosions, floods, storms, fires or accidents, wars or threats of war, civil disturbance, laws, restrictions, regulations, council orders or other measures emanating from local or government authorities, strikes, lockouts or other industrial actions or conflicts, or bad weather. In any of the above cases, we will have the right to consider the contract null and void. In the event of such a performance of contractual obligations, our liability will be limited to the reimbursement of the sums that you have paid, which correspond to the (unused) portion of the holiday calculated on a daily pro rata basis.

18.3. We may not, in any circumstances, be held liable for any breakdowns to mechanical equipment, such as pumps, boilers, pool filter systems, etc, or failures to public services such as water, gas and electricity.

18.4. Neither the representative nor the owner may be held liable for any noise or disturbance coming from outside the holiday rental property, or for which the causes are beyond our control.

18.5. The owner is totally responsible for making the rented property available. He must ensure that it meets the construction, health and safety standards in force in the country concerned.

19. Use of the premises

The properties that we propose are intended only for use as tourist accommodation and private holiday-making. Any commercial or professional activity is strictly forbidden on the premises, especially filming and photography sessions. Our policy prohibits festivities on the property (e.g. weddings, receptions, large cocktail parties), without prior agreement with ourselves and the owner, which is at our discretion.

20. Photographs

The photographs taken in our properties may not be used or sold for the purposes of profit without the authorisation of Chicvillas and the owners.

21. Security and objets of value

Any object of value left at the property is left at your own risk. The owner and Chicvillas may in no circumstances and in no respect be held liable for any theft or damage to property, any criminal act or physical assault of which the tenant may be the perpetrator or the victim at the rental property. We therefore recommend that you take the appropriate steps to prevent theft and criminal offences.

22. Complaints

22.1. If you are disappointed by your holiday rental property, you should contact the owner, who will make every effort to solve the problem, and inform us at the same time. We will act as an intermediary with the owner, and will do our best to find a solution.

22.2. If you continue to be dissatisfied and wish to make a complaint about the substantial qualities of the property, you should inform us within 72 hours of your arrival, and you must confirm your complaint by registered letter with proof of receipt within four days of entering the premises. We will not consider any complaints beyond this deadline.

23. Applicable laws

These general conditions and completed rental contracts are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, an amicable should be sought first and foremost. If the dispute persists, the French courts have sole competence to rule on the matter.

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