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Picasso exhibition in Landerneau by the Fonds Leclerc

If you are holidaying in Brittany this summer, and, more precisely, in Finistère, then you won’t want to miss the Picasso exhibition in Landerneau.

Must-see exhibition in Landerneau

Landerneau is set to welcome a brilliant exhibition at Les Capucins this summer, from 25th June to 1st November 2017. This year, the cultural funding scheme Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc pour la Culture has chosen to run a retrospective of Pablo Picasso’s life. The exhibition will display 150 of the Spanish artist’s paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics. The works on show retrace Picasso’s artistic career, featuring a series of portraits as well as pieces from his pink and blue periods. The exhibition sets out to present an intimate portrayal of the artist, with some of his most personal works among the collection. The exhibition doesn’t include reputed masterpieces like Guernica or Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, but instead has chosen to focus on his more personal works, such as The Portrait of Jacqueline Roque, a painting of his third wife. The display has been staged by Eric Morin who has endeavoured to provide visitors with a deep insight into the artist as a person. The works on show belong to private collections. Jean-Louis Andral, head of the Picasso museum in Antibes, has spent two and a half years helping to put together this summer’s Picasso exhibition in Landerneau.

About the Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc pour la Culture

This private funding organisation was founded in Landerneau, in Finistère, on 23rd June 2012. Its mission is to bring art to as many people as possible by funding various exhibitions. The location is no coincidence; the Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc is based in Les Capucins, the former site of the first ever Leclerc hypermarket. The fund finances exhibitions every year, often for schools, but also for a wider audience – their Joan Miro exhibition in 2013 drew in 125,000 visitors. In 2015, Giacometti was in the spotlight, and in 2016 the fund turned its attentions to Marc Chagall.

Where to stay to visit the Picasso exhibition in Landerneau

If you’re a bit of an art buff with a penchant for Cubism, then head to Brittany, where you can take in the Picasso exhibition in Landerneau. And why not stay on for a holiday in Brittany? Chic Villas has a wide selection of luxury rental villas in Brittany to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing inland or coastal break while getting your culture fix at the same time.

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